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AGP card replacement = no image

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The fan on an older AGP card started to fail recently. I looked for a suitable replacement heatsink/fan to fit on the card, but didn't have any luck. I found a new card at my local Micro Center, brought it home and installed it and I have no picture. I've tried the d-sub and dvi connections and no picture on either. Using another computer I read the troubleshooting notes and found that the card required the power supply to be 300W+. I can't remember exactly what mine was, but it was less than that. Assuming that was the problem I then went out and purchased a new 350W power supply. I got it installed and I still have no picture.

I'm thinking that it's a bad card or there's some other compatibility issue I'm unaware of. Anyone have any ideas?

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PC Specs?
Pre-Built Brand & Model Number
Custom Built-Brand & Model of Mobo-CPU-RAM-Graphics-PSU.
It's a Dell 4600 from around 2002 with a 2.4GHz P4 and 4GB of RAM.

The new card is a VisionTek HD 3650 AGP 1GB.
Good lord. I've found that this card is not compatible with my system. What a waste of time. Thanks for your time.

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Sorry for your misfortune but glad you got it worked out.
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