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AGP 2x 4x 8x

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I am looking to get a new video card for my pc. I have a Gforce2 mx400 AGP card. The card is outdate, can't even play my new Roller Coaster 3 game. The game is to much for my card to handle. How do I go about finding what kind of AGP slot (2x 4x or 8x) that I have in my pc? One other thing, were do I go to find the name of my motherboard? Does anybody know of a high end card that my pc can handle?
Here is what my pc is.
compaq presario(made in 2000)
1 gig amd processor
768 memory
80 gig harddrive
gforce2 mx400 video card
windows ME
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Download,install and run this....
It will tell you what hardware you have.
If you're talking about RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 then you can run the game on a GeForce2 MX400 as long as it has at least 32MB of video RAM. I've run the game on one. It didn't look good at all but it can work on that video card. As I recall the game only works properly on a GeForce 2 if you run an older display driver like this one. The other thing you should know is that a 1GHz CPU is going to be able to run the game but not very quickly. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 requires a very fast CPU if you want to build a park of any size. Medium sized parks bog down my 3.2GHz Pentium 4. Upgrading to a better video card will make the game look a lot better and may make the game run a little faster but your CPU will be the bottleneck in the game. A high-end card will not make the game run fast because your CPU will limit the speed.
thanks for the program

I am using the updated driver version from compaq(released 2001). When playing the game, it would slow done and freeze up on me. So I went to n-vida site, downloaded 2 different versions, one version would cause the registry to become corrupted, the other one would some how remove my file-edit-view-favorites, on my internet explorer for good(gone never to return again) unless I reformatted my harddrive.
Did you fully uninstall the old drivers before upgrading?
Yes I did uninstall all the driver's file, I used a program(cant think of the name), but it remove all traces of the driver. I would like to get an ATI card, but not sure. I want the most powerful card that my pc can handle. There are more games that I can't play right now, because of my video card being to small. I found out I have an AGP 4x slot(good news for me!!).
Very nice link. It's hard to find a good link that describes the different AGP slots.

Sounds to me like the problem might be the old technology you are running the game on. It's kinda like running WinXP on a PII 333 with 128MB of memory. Yes it meets the minimum requirements by Microsoft. But in the real world this would be a joke.
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