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after i reinstalled windows my video card doesen't get detected

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Hello, heres my problem: Had some problems experiencing FPS lag from time to time (like under 10 fps) when playing games that usualy runed at high fps (50-60).
Thought it might be a software problem so i reinstalled windows, but now my computer does not detect my video card at all. I know the right driver for my card but i can't install it couse it says that :"Can not find required hardware!".It isn't a new computer so i know that the video card is compatible and stuff like that. Wanted to ask u if i can fix this problem myself or i need to replace the video card.
Don't know my exact computer configuration but i can tell u that i am using a ASUS motherboard and my video card is allsow ASUS.
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did you run your m/board setup cd after the install and install your video drivers
video card
power supply
are you running
Ok i am using a:

CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz
m/board: ASUS P5PL2-E

The rest i'm not shure. Can't tell u the video card name couse when i look it up it just says Video Controller (VGA Compatible). But i know that it runs on ASUS enhanced driver 1.33 couse i got the CD for it.
Btw i can't install the drivers beacouse as i sayd the driver can't detect the video card and woun't install
asus produce both ati and nvidia cards if you cannot supply the information it is difficult to help you
if you don't know what card you have how do you know you have the right driver
got the cd from the card but there's like 10 different models that work with this driver so i dont know wich one it is
they all use the same driver and the driver will cover them all
just install the driver
well that's the problem when i try to install the driver and im 100% shure that it is the good driver it tells me that it can't find the hardware and my computer does not detect the card properly. the problem is that i dont know if it's a hardware or software problem couse it was working before i reinstalled windows, but now it doesnt even detect the name of the card or nothing. another question , can i install the driver even if it says that it can't find the hardware required ?
Ok it seems that i got an ASUS EN 7600 GS but i still can't install any drivers :sigh:
There are lot of ways to ones problems and you can solve them easily one you have better suggestions ….like the ones above…keep going mate ;-)

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