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after 5 mins of playing,my comp restarts!

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hi, im noobie on this forum , i just cant fix this problem :sayno: .

my Hardware:

Athlon 2700+
GeForce 4 5200FX 128 Mb
256 Mb Ram
Mother Asus 7V8X-X
80 GB HD

My software:

Windows XP SP2 (Updated)
Nvidia driver 77.77 ( i tryed like 5 drivers backdated and the problem didnt finished)
Avg 7.0 Antivirus Updated ( dont have any viruses)

well , my problem:

It happens in some of my games , i can play gta vice city , counter strike , doom 3 , but the problem happens when i play mu online , sacred , and some more games...
The problem is not by the games , cuz i can play them on a cyber
When i enter the game , i can play like 5 - 10 mins , then my comp suddenly restarts or close the game :cry:

My tries:(My comp never overheat)

Monitor settings:Changing Resolution , Colors , Antialias , Hz and Drivers.
Geforce: Tryed 5 more drivers (40.41 ; 56.64 ;etc)
OS:I tried win98 n win2k , same problem... :dead:
Sound:Driver and hardware change
Game:Download it like 10 times , diferent servers , diferent mirrors.
i tried also lot of energy settings.i just havent got any more ideas.Maybe its a problem one reg file.

plz i need help with this ,i think that it isnt a hardware or internet problem, thanks for reading all my post and im waiting for one solution :sad:
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if it just restarts with no bsod error message/check out the power supply
if you have to wait before it starts again/ check the tempretures
if you receive an error message post it
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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