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Advice/Help Please for a relative beginner

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I`m extremely limited in my knowledge of PC`s, and need some help with one particular thing.
Whenever I try and open files I receive, mainly jpegs, the file icon is the windows icon. When trying to open, I get a grey pop-up box asking , which programme i want to use to open the file. Non do the job.
Another example - I tried to download emule+ via Softpedia. I clicked on the Rumanian box. The download didn`t happen, and was told I needed a mirror buffer?, so tried to download Iphant. Again I got a Windows icon and was unable to open it and proceed.
Does this make sense to anyone.
Thanks in anticipation.

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Well, seeing as you're using P2P applications, you most likely have an infected system.

Follow these steps, and post your log in the Hijackthis Help forum.
file associations

find the file you want to open, hold down the shift key while you click once with your right mouse button, click open with >> choose program >> (choose the program you want to always open the above file) and make sure a tick is located in the checkbox `Always use this program....'
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