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Hello, i upgraded...or should i say turned to the dark side, 2 months ago from a p4c800 e deluxe/prescott to an A8V deluxe rev.2/amd 64 venice.

I was getting too many probs with the p4c and so are a million other ppl by the sounds of it, and i am very happy with my new system and it cost me half the price for mobo and processor and is much more stable and just as fast in my opinion.(i only use it for games)

What i want to know is the ultimate bios settings for this board, i have disabled unwanted devices and know what most of the basic settings are, but this board has new memory settings i have never seen b4.

All i want to do is tighten my memory to its best, not overclock anything at all and have the right things enabled/disabled.

I know all these timings like 2.5-4-4-8 or whatever are good but this board has at least 10 trcas/trasblas catazmraz stuff than i ever saw so anyone that has this boartd that can help me ...thankyou.

Specs: Amd 64 venice core
2*512 sticks of corsair xms 3200 dual channel
gf4 ti 4200(still runs evrything i want to play at decent enough settings so im waiting till i really need to change)
thermaltake tsunami dream case
ac cooler 64
Audigy sound
2 80g maxtor diamondmax 9 drives not in raid
Asus 16* dvd burner
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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