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Adobe flash player wont load/work

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Hi guys been with the guys at Malaware removal site for about a week trying to sort this problem out (they say puter is clean( and they asked me to see you guys now.
Puter runs fine but I cant watch you tube videos. It says I need latest version of adobe flash player. I down loaded it and it says install complete but when i check in add/remove programs its not there and you tube still not working. Plz help guys.
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Use the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller after running that, reboot the computer and download the most recent version of Adobe Flash
Also, which browser are you using? There are two different versions of Flash for different browsers. One for IE and the other for all the rest. If you are using Firefox, for example, installing Flash for IE won't help you view You Tube videos in Firefox.
Please go to the link to update Shockwave

Then Go Here to find what version of Java you are running, and please post back the results.
Been uninstalling and reinstalling but still wont work. I am using IE browser and I have Java Version 1.6.0_24 from Sun Microsystems Inc.
Please download JavaRa and save the file to your desktop.
  • Right click and Extract All and a new folder called "JavaRa" will be extracted
  • Once extracted, open that folder and run JavaRa.exe with the picture.
  • Select your Language which is English I assume.
  • Click Search For Updates
  • Select Update Using jucheck.exe
  • Click Search
  • If a newer version is found, allow it to be installed
  • Uncheck the Google Toolbar option. (if you don't want the Google tool bar)
  • When complete, click Remove Older Versions in the JavaRa interface and allow it to proceed
  • When that is complete, click Additional Tasks, then select Remove Useless JRE Files and click Go
  • It will now begin to remove older versions.
  • Exit the tool when complete.
Reboot Your Computer Now.
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Did all that. Still says I need to latest version of flash player.
Open IE => Click Tools => Internet Options => Click on the Security Tab => Click Custom Level:
  1. Find "ActiveX controls and plug-ins"
  2. Choose Prompt for "Download Signed ActiveX Controls"
  3. Choose Prompt for "Run ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins"

Click Ok

Restart IE
Ok. did that. It then asked me when I opened IE " do you want to run active X" to which I said yes. Still no you tube.
I tried all that before I contacted you and the MR guys. I installed google chrome and I can watch you can other users if they watch thru google chrome. But we would like our normal google back if possible. Also another thing...facebook pictures and some writting is not where it should be when I open a facebook page. Hope this info helps.
Roll back IE. go to Start/Run and type appwiz.cpl. In the Add Remove Programs scroll down to Windows Internet Explorer. "uninstall" it, It will roll back to the previous version (ex) if you have IE8 it will roll back to IE7. If you currently have IE7 try updating to IE8. Once you have rolled back, try Youtube again. If that works try updating to IE8
Ok I did what you both said to do. I ended up uninstalling windows 8 that gave me 7. I tried youtube no good. i unistalled and reinstalled adobe flash player and it still says @ youtube that I need the latest adobe flash player.
I updated to windows 8 again but still the same. I reset internet explorer settings like ( go the power said ) still no good. But one good thing facebook is fixed now and works perfect ( unless I want to watch a video there. Thanks for your help on this guys we are getting somewhere.
Try all of this now that you have updated to IE 8 Troubleshoot Flash Player installation | Windows
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