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Adobe Flash Player wants to Make Changes

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I have Windows 7, use IE 8. I keep getting the message that Adobe Flash Player 10 wants to make changes to my computer.....OR/AND.....I have lots of sites where the little pop-up bar shows up saying this site wants to install Adobe Flash Player. I have Adobe Flash Player 10 on my computer, and made all my Tools/InternetOptions/Security settings the same as my laptop running Vista and IE 8. I don't get that message at all on that laptop. What setting am I missing? On the pop-up window (the one that shows in the center of the screen about wanting to make changes to my computer) it give the option of YES or NO. It doesn't seem to make any difference which one I click on. Nothing happens, nothing changes, and the pop-up will reoccur frequently.

On a side issue, I am not getting instant email messages when there is a response to my threads. Do I have something set wrong?
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Go to the Adobe web site and install the latest Flash Player and see if that fixes your problem. I don't have an answer to your last question.
On a side issue, I am not getting instant email messages when there is a response to my threads. Do I have something set wrong?
The default settings are that you receive email reminders once a day (they are sent at 1am EST). You can change this in the options:
I checked my settings for receiving email from this forum and it shows that I'm supposed to get INSTANT EMAIL NOTIFICATION. I see other options - but they are the daily, weekly, or no notification. What am I supposed to change?
I have Adobe Flash Player 10 installed (for the second time) and I don't know of a more current one. If you know something I don't, please tell me where to get a newer version. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled version 10 twice - running a defrag, disk clean up, registry cleaner, and registry defrag before the second install.
Are you always running IE 8 x86? If running IE8 x64, the message will pop up in perpituity as Flash is incompatible with x64.

Go to \Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\ - look for iexplore.exe - create a shortcut for it.

Use IE 8 x86 only.

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I thought maybe that was the problem (64 bit processing) so now that has raised a question....Why is there a 64 bit IE 8 if it isn't compatible with common programs such as Adobe Flash Player. I guess my question is - why is there a 64 bit IE 8 at all? Who would want to use that over the 32 bit? I have no trouble using only the 32 bit, but just curious as to why the 64 bit even exists.
From Adobe's site:
Will Flash Player come in a 64-bit version soon?

We are actively working on the release of a native 64-bit Flash Player for the desktop, and we will provide native support for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux 64-bit platforms in an upcoming major release of Flash Player.
As far as I know 64-bit IE is there simply to provoke development in those 64-bit add-ons, because why else would Adobe bother developing for a platform that does not exist yet? (Firefox and Chrome are currently only released in 32-bit)

The advantage that 64-bit technology brings to a browser right now is near non-existant, however someone has got to lead the way and hope that others will follow.
Thanks for the info. It all makes sense now.
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