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Is there a way in XP Home to have one or more hard drives only accessible for the administrator and not accessible for a limited account users?
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Only if its setup with NTFS file system. Then you can set the permissions based on user or group.
What is NTFS & how do I set it up?
NTFS stands for New Technology File System, and its a way ordering data basically.. like FAT32 is for WIndows98... If you installed XP and chose all defaults, then it should already be setup . You can always check by right clicking on a disk drive in my computer, and then selecting properties and then if you have a permissions/security tab then you know its NTFS ... if you don't have NTFS currently you can convert your existing FAT32 partitions without losing any data, however the method for that escapes me at the moment, perhaps another brave soul would care to chime in :D
Hopefully this might help you. (changing file system in XP)

Open Command Prompt. Click "Start", point to "All Programs", point to Accessories, and then click Command Prompt. Or, go to "Run" and type in "cmd".

In the command prompt window, type:

convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs
Couple of questions about this....
If I convert to NTFS (currently using FAT32 on my 80GB HD under Win XP Pro)....will all my desktop settings and files etc be the same?

Also = if networked to a Windows Me / 98 machine, will I still be able to access the other computers? Play games?

Will I be able to share files ...?

Using the previously posted command:

convert c:/fs:ntfs
You'll continue to work on your computer as you are currently without losing any data whatsoever. I highly suggest converting "personally" to NTFS for it enables more security settings and things to do, and I find it to be more stable.
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