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When I get an email sent by a user from here, it'll shows everything up well but I thought maybe this isn't quite right:

This is a message from <user> at Tech Support Forum ( ). The Tech Support Forum owners cannot accept any responsibility for the contents of the email.

To email <user>, you can use this online form: etc

OR, by email:
mailto:[email protected]
Now the last line.. is that supposed to show mailto: as well (its all a hyperlink)?

Just curious :grin:

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they always have as far as i know. if they didn't want you to know their email, they should pm you instead.
Thanks sinclair_tm :smile:

What I was mainly querying is that in HTML, mailto: is not shown but the address is instead i.e.
<a href="mailto:so[email protected]">[email protected]</a>
..creates a link to the mail system like this: [email protected]

So that seemed like a little typo when mailto:[email protected] is shown.

Now that you mention it, yes there's a warning underneath the email input section that the authors address will be given away.
Well, I actually think Kalim might be onto something here; most probably he discovered a glitch in the template our Forum uses for this.
Yes Zazula, I was pointing this out that admin might notice but nevermind.
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