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adding subnets to a current network

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I have a current network in one location with 6 servers and 40 workstations accessing ( and being accessed from) the internet via dual
DSL circuits through a dlink RV042 dual Wan balanced router.(Working fine)
The local network is

I need to add three remote sites via VPN subnets. I have one site set up and connected via another dsl circuit to a local pc . the remote site
is and the local pc is .
Works fine and i can connect to network drives and printer on the remote site.
My next problem is to integrate this into the main network without disturbing too much. What I am thinking is to rename the subnets on the VPN as etc and bring them into a dual nicc'ed pc with and on the nic's. and then change
the main local network to /23 . IS this the best way to do it ?
Or is there a better way. My problem is that to change the remote site to means redoing the local speedstream 6520/ Linksys RVS4000 on site ( a pain) as once is change one I can't change the other !.
Thanks in advance.
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My recommendation is to keep your local network at and make your remote networks,, respectively. Your router shoul allow you to have muliple VPN tunnels setup. The only limitation is 254 hosts at each site. Hope this helps you out....
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