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adding subnets to a current network

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I have a current network in one location with 6 servers and 40 workstations accessing ( and being accessed from) the internet via dual
DSL circuits through a dlink RV042 dual Wan balanced router.(Working fine)
The local network is

I need to add three remote sites via VPN subnets. I have one site set up and connected via another dsl circuit to a local pc . the remote site
is and the local pc is .
Works fine and i can connect to network drives and printer on the remote site.
My next problem is to integrate this into the main network without disturbing too much. What I am thinking is to rename the subnets on the VPN as etc and bring them into a dual nicc'ed pc with and on the nic's. and then change
the main local network to /23 . IS this the best way to do it ?
Or is there a better way. My problem is that to change the remote site to means redoing the local speedstream 6520/ Linksys RVS4000 on site ( a pain) as once is change one I can't change the other !.
Thanks in advance.
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thanks alberth
i am looking at trying
branch 1
branch 3

with vpn router at HO at

and the rest of the HO network
with a route added to the gateway on the /28 to point
to the router at 65/28 for all routes
do you think it will work ?
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