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Adding second HDD

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I have a Seagate Barricuda SATA, 120G as my primary hard drive (model ST3120827AS). I have a second hard drive (Seagate Alpine, 120M, Ultra ATA/100, Model ST3120026A) I want to add, as a backup, keeping the SATA as my boot drive and primary drive. Problem is that after hooking up the IDE cable and molex power connector, I boot up and no drive is recognized in Windows other than the original SATA. The ATA doesn't show on my boot screen either. My BIOS is set to autodetect and the jumper was set to cable select, but nothing.

Any help would be great.
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What kind of motherboard is it?

You might have to go into the BIOS when the computer boots and set the SATA mode to enhanced mode. This will make both the SATA and ATA work together. I had some problems when i switched my computer from ATA to SATA, and wanted to keep the IDE drive in at first to transfer data. I ended up switching that setting and was ok.

This setting should be somewhere in the advanced settings, and i believe onboard devices under sata controller.

Good luck!
It's an eVGA nForce SLI 133-K8-NF41. When I went thru the BIOS I couldn't find the SATA enhanced mode you were talking about.
I tried EVGA's website to try and figure out what BIOS is on that board, and i must say their site is horrible. But that's besides the point, i'm leaning towards an phoenix-award bios. Do you know what revision the BIOS is?

Did you see something labeled "on chip sata controller"?
Thx for checking this out, and I agree about the site. It is a Phoenix Award BIOS and version is 6.0. I could find nothing about an on chip SATA controller.
Checking a generic Award v6.0 bios, i don't see what i was looking for either :p

Under integrated peripherals in your BIOS, are both IDE channels selected as "enabled?"

Also try switching the jumper to Master.

We'll get it eventually :p I had the same trouble so I know how frustrating it is.
BINGO! Switched jumper to master and it's up. Thx for all the help.
*phew* At last :laugh:

You're welcome :smile:
I have a Gateway computer and it has only IDE channel connections. I just bought a used 40 GB hard drive that was listed in the same search as IDE, however after I made the bid and it closed with me as the buyer, I noticed that it is not IDE. It states in his add that it is an Ultra ATA. Can some one please tell me if and how I can use it in my computer without ATA connection???
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