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adding nic card

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HP 10/100 BaseT LAN Adapter (Ethernet)
I had this card installed befor but i took it out.
now that ive ordered dsl I want to reinstall it.

I put the card back in but but windows didnt say anything about it when i restarted.

how do i start in safe mode, cause I forgot?

In my device manager network adapters with the green icon is not there, how do i get it back?

and i searched for a driver @ and thought i found one, inside the zip a text file told me that there should have been a file for win200 but it an a few other files seemed to missing, so i might still need to find a driver.

but i still dont understand why windows would not have reconized new hardware during startup.

The last time i messed around with my pci slots was when i installed a video card. it was a lot of trial an error, w/ very little help from hewellet packard.
I had on board video. but i could not turn it off from the bios. what i ended up having to do was disable onboard from the device manager, i put the card in, then went to safe mode and uninstalled onboad drivers or replaced them with nvidia......I cant really remember but i know it was alot of trial an error and the only way the card would stay installed is if in the device manager it said under display adapters geforcemx....... twice
one of them has a ghost buster symbol around it. so if I would take away the one with the ghostbusters the onboard would come back on startup.

anyhow i could really use some help tryen to reinstall this
HP 10/100 BaseT LAN Adapter (Ethernet)
thanks for reading this
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You might check here Compaq NIC for drivers for the card.
Thanks im pretty sure i have the right driver now.

my problem is in the add/remove hardware wizard >> select network adapters from the list.

The one i mentioned above is not there in fact windows only lists only one " hewlett-packard deskdirect (j2573A) 10/100vg isa lan adapter."

I tried installing that one but it did not work proberly.

how do i update that list?

at one point point i could have swore there were like 10 selections,
none said "HP 10/100 BaseT LAN Adapter (Ethernet)" exactly so i chose one that was close to an installed it w/ the drivers i found. no go.

anyone know how to get thoes other selections back?
I could have just bee on another manufacturer but i went thru the list and nothing seemed familar. i could of swore i was on hp.

anyhow thanks for reading
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If the NIC isn't detected when you install it, have you considered the possibility that it's bad?
yeah i was considering that.
Is there a way to trouble shoot a pci slot w/ windows?
If you've put the NIC into several PCI slots, and the BIOS detection doesn't see it, I'd start suspecting it's defective. Since you can buy a PCI NIC on Pricewatch for $6 shipped, you could just get another one and try it. Of course, you could also try that board in another machine if you have access to one.
hp told me the nic was not plug and play?
i was under the impression windows would reconize or at least say something about any new hadware conectted to the Mb???

anyhow I think the cards either bad or I have no idea how to install a card thats not plug and play.
it would not work in the other slots either.

heres wht hp told me

> Plug and play devices are those for which you do not
> need drivers and
> the drivers are integrated in the operating system.
> Devices like
> monitors, standard keyboard, standard two button
> moue are plug and play.
> The device in question is not a plug and play card.
> Generally, fully
> external peripherals are plug and play and not PCI
> cards.

is that true?
I bought a new one for 20 bucks, no problem with geeting it installed

thanks for all the help johnwill
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That's not my understanding of plug and play. My understanding of plug and pray is not having to manually configure IRQ's and I/O channels.

Remember, not plug and play ... plug and pray!

Always check for the latest driver.
I agree Pseudocyber...that's my understanding of PnP as well. No more jumper settings, switch flipping, and teeth gnashing.
OK, some thoughts, Win2K's OS is just PnP with thousands of drivers preinstalled, that part of why it takes so long to load. But I think the deal here is you need to go to Start, Settings, Network and dAilup Conns, there double click Make New Conn. in the wizard Choose Accept Incomming Conn.s and there your device should appear in the next dialog box if the OS "sees" it same as a fax machine or some other such device. I'd like to hear back if you give it a try, to know if it saw your non-PnP thingy. Good Luck.:bandit:
Here's a definition of PnP, and it sure doesn't seem to agree with the idiot at HP. Remember, when you're talking to first level support people, they're about as educated as trained seals. :rolleyes:
johnwill said:
Remember, when you're talking to first level support people, they're about as educated as trained seals. :rolleyes:
Easy, john...don't equate them to SEALS!
Midnight Tech said:
Easy, john...don't equate them to SEALS!
You're right, of course, seals are much more intelligent. :D
johnwill said:
You're right, of course, seals are much more intelligent. :D
And Sealys too!
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