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Adding a New Hard Drive & Copying - Multi-Slave Dilema

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Adding a New Secondary Hard Drive & Copying from the Old

I am not exactly what you would call an 'expert' when it comes to computer hardware, in fact, I'm no where near an expert.
What I'm trying to do is upgrade my secondary hard drive, from an old 5GB drive to a slightly newer 20GB hard drive, and copying most of the data from the old to the new. Both of the hard drives work on my computer, and I didn't need to format them. Please note that I also have my master hard drive, which contains my main OS (WinXP Home, SP2) and such.
The problem comes down to these two attempts:
A) I try to to make both the 5GB and 20GB drives slaves, keeping the master, where then I can goto the command prompt and execute "xcopy" (I'm not sure if I need "xcopy32", 'cause I don't think I need to copy system files). However, I don't have enough data connectors and power cords (whatever those things are you connect to the drives) to support three internal hard drives, so I tried taking the pin cable from my DVD drive, along with the power cable, and plugging it into my 5GB (since the 20GB is already in place in my computer), however it returns that I have a Disk I/O Error. Is that because that data cord is for CD/DVD drives only?
B) I try connecting only two hard drives (I tested it with the slave and master first just in case I was disappointed) and booting it with an MS-DOS boot-disk (created using the "Format" option when I right-click on the A: drive). It boots the disk, and I am able to use the command prompt, however I cannot access any of the other hard drives, only A:. I try "A:\> chdir C:\" and it tells me I have an incorrect hard drive specification, or something of that sort.
Is there something I am doing wrong? Is there something else I need to do?
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Are you trying to replace the 5GB drive with the 20GB drive as the one with the OS and boot drive?
Yes, I am trying to replace the 5GB drive with the 20GB drive, but neither of those have the OS. My OS is stored on my main hard drive (40GB), and I am trying to copy data from my old secondary drive to my newer secondary drive, booting from my main hard drive to use the 'xcopy' function.

I am not sure whether this would be too pratical, but should I just use the main hard drive as a simple buffer, copy the data from the 5GB hard drive to the main drive, plug in the newer secondary drive, and copy that buffered data to the 20GB?

Thanks for the help.
Never mind about this... I solved it. I just went ahead and went with the idea I had come up with in the previous post, which required two sessions of copying around 3GB of data from different hard drives, and I still have to "deallocate the buffer" on my main drive (little bit of programming lingo there).
Thanks again for your help.
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