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Add powerpoint in office 2007 home basic

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Dear All,
I've bought office basic 2007 few months ago, but I need power point now.
I've tried to purchase/power point trial to from oline, but failed. It's telling me to purchase professional. Is it possible to add power point with 2007 'home' package or I've to upgrade to small business/professional online.

Other way, If I've to buy new package & un install current, then it's impoosible to find 2007! That case I must go for 2010.

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I see you've had an older system prior to 2008 Server/Win7. If you have an old Office Suite with Powerpoint, you can install it.
Hi corday,
Thanks for reply. Actually The package installed in win7 Pro - 1 of my office employee PC.
I've office 2007 Professional package also & that installed other PC. But I need power point in the PC consist of "Home" package! So, whats the best & cheaper solution?
Absolutely cheapest and probably easiest solution is Open Office Presentations.
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