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The following is a post I placed in the MS Community newsgroups and a reply. I received one reply to which I followed the instructions without any results. I have XP Home, SP2. >


Install xp cd,exit the page,go to run,type:cmd In cmd type:Sfc /Scannow
When its thru type:CHKDSK C: /F Agree to restart,type:EXIT Restart pc,
remove cd.Back in xp,type in run:appwiz.cpl

> "ReCom" wrote:
> > while attempting to resolve a problem with Movie Maker, I decided to get rid of some
> > unused programs using the add or remove utility. As soon as I removed
> > Yahoo Messenger and other related Yahoo stuff, add remove closed and my laptop restarted. When
> > I went back into add remove I immediately noticed a large number of programs
> > and all the windows updates were all missing from the list.
> > When I try to use one of the now unlisted programs uninstall programs it no
> > longer works either. Before I did the program removing excercise, I updated
> > latest version of DirectX without setting a restore point, didn't notice
> > those instructions until now, so I apparently can't go back. Any help would
> > be greatly appreciate because I am quite sure this is going to come back to
> > bite me in the....

I have in the meantime installed Add Remove Pro which didn't do anything.
I found a thread recommending a file available on Kellys-Korner which edits the registry with the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


This didn't help, however when I searched for the above string I couldn't find it in the registry either, and I noticed that my registry editor is 5.10. So I don't know if that makes a difference.

I don't use the DVD / CD burner on my laptop that often so I couldn't say if the fact it is not reading or writing now is directly related to all the above problems, I suspect it is and hope it will correct itself once the registry is corrected.

Also, the install disk is a recover disk that came with the laptop and restores the laptop to factory settings. I really hope this can be corrected without going that route, I have not had any success with a complete restore as of yet.

Any and all help are greatly appreciated.
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