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ActiveX Security Level Help

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My computer has recently had trouble downloading any ActiveX Controls. Basically, whenever I attempt to load a web-page with ActiveX components, I receive a warning message stating that my security levels will not allow the initiation of it.

But my IE security settings are the same as what they have always been. But, to be on the "safe" side, I lowered all of the levels to the lowest settings. Even then I will recieve the message.

Ah, I thought, must be my firewall. Yet, even after a complete uninstallation of my Norton software, no dice with the ActiveX controls.

I've tried disabling everything through MSCONFIG, I've tried safe mode, restoring my default settings on everything internet related... and still nothing.

Does anyne have any idea what is going on?

Thank you in advance...

P.S.- if not, how does one completely Uninstall ActiveX and reinstall it?
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Open Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet Options>Security>Custom Level

ensure that:

* Download signed ActiveX controls
* Run ActiveX controls and Plug-ins
* Script ActiveX controls marked for safe scripting

- are either set to “Enable” or “Prompt”.
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