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ActiveX Keeps Frezing Internet Browsers (RESOLVED)

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Hello, I've been having this problem I think since I installed IE7. Now when I go to certain websites, mainly

I automatically get a dialogue box prompting me o run an ActiveX control, and often times after I click OK, the browser freezes. I wish I knew how better to explain my problem but that is all that I know. Occasionally, I will just keep opening browsers, get the same thing but eventually the browser will NOT freeze and I'll go along my merry way. But while trying to see a particular profile on youtube, I was prompted by 3 seperate ActiveX dialogue boxes and the browser froze after the third one, and I've tried accessing the profile at least 20 times. I've been sick of this problem for months, but now it's really making me mad, so I searched on yahoo for tech support forums and here I am. I would really appreciate some help, and I would be happy to answer any questions about my problem if you explain how to access that information, since I'm not very knowledgable about computer terms and I have a vision impairment.

My computer was custom-built by an entrepreneur, I've had it for 3 years almost and it's never had such a problem. I used Belarc Advisor to configure what my computer has and such, because I'm considering getting more memory installed on my computer and Staples naturally needed to know the type of computer I have...

But I digress. If I can provide any more information, just let me know how to retrieve it and I will get back to you. Thanks so much for being patient and understanding with me!

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Hello and Welcome to TSF

Once you have downloaded an ActiveX Control, you can disable/remove it from the system. Check to see what you actually have installed, you may have some corrupt files

1. Open Internet Explorer, click TOOLS on the toolbar.
2. Scroll down to MANAGE ADD-ONS from the drop-down menu, then
4. The MANAGE ADD-ONS WINDOW will now open. Select one of the options under SHOW to view the ActiveX Controls in your computer.
5. You can now highlight an ActiveX Control from the list, and either disable it in the SETTINGS box, or delete altogether in the DELETE box.
6. Press OK to perform the appropriate change.
7. Repeat as necessary to remove other controls.
Thanks very much for being so detailed. I didn't see any Settings or Delete dialogue, though. I still get the prompt but it doesn't seem to freeze my browser. However, this link is still giving me problems, the video is not showing up.

I also can't seem to watch videos on youtube anymore... it says that JavaScript is turned off. Should I enable it or is that what's been giving me trouble all along which means it should be disabled?
Yes this could be your issue, go ahead and turn it on to see if it resolves your issue.
That worked just fine!Thanks!
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