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ActiveX error

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Hi all,

I´m getting troubles in IE because of the activex control.
On the windows update website the bar asking if you want to install the activex control does not appear and it gets error.

More important is that i use Crystal Reports and when i want to process a report into the IE browser it gets the following error: ActiveX component could not install object..."

I don´t know what to do. I tried to put the security levels all LOW and to enable everything in internet options--Advanced.

Please help me if you can

Thank You.

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What kind of security programs do you currently have ?
Are you on a network ?
Do you have service pack 2 ?

And please in internet options set everything back to default since it didnt help. Low security settings makes your OS vulnerable.
The S.O is Win XP Pro with SP2, IE6 and i only use a mcafee anti-virus. i´m on a business network and iam the only one that have this problem.

I have put the settings to default and didnt work too.

Please help!! :4-dontkno
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