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ActiveX component can't create object

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I try to load a program called Otrader and it loads up but gives an error message 429 which is ActiveX component can't create object. It then closes the program down.
I installed it on another computer, same OS but it works on that one.
What can cause this error. I think i may have already reinstalled activex components from downloading so please suggest as many solutions as you can think of.

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Hi and Welcome to TSF

The error message itself can occur for one of four reasons (listed in order of likeliness):

1. You do not have a required TLB or ActiveX DLL/OCX file.
2. A TLB or ActiveX DLL/OCX needed by the project is present but not registered on your system.
3. The VB runtimes are an earlier version than the one you need to run the project.
4. A required TLB or ActiveX DLL/OCX file is corrupt.

Sounds as if you need to register the dll using regsvr32.
For example
regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft
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