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active directory problem pls help

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hi guys,

im having problem with my server. im just new to active directory and

i have a windows 2000 server and running active directory. but when i add new user in my active directory, it prompts me

"windows cannot set up password for <username> because:
the network path was not found
windows willl attempt to re-create the user object. if windows cannot re create the user object contact your system administrator."

hope u can help me on this..thanks and more power to u and to the group

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Possible password policy issue or you don't know the policy

You stated you are an AD newbie, so I think you don't know your domain password policy. Is password complexity enabled? If so, then your password must include 3 out of 4 of the following: a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, a numeric, and/or a non-alphanumeric character ($%#@*&, etc.) Thus, a simple password like "Baseball" doesn't work, but "Bas3bal!" does, if pw complexity is enabled.

Also, what is the minimum length? 6 is usually the norm, but I have seen 8 and 10 enabled as well.

You must check the password policy, which can be found within the Domain Policy GPO. I would ask someone a bit more knowledgable in the subject to assist you.

Lastly, you may want to check this out, the error message is similar:;en-us;297315

Good luck :grin:
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