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activation key(not product key)

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hi everyone
i just installed win xp (home edition).and already am clueless!from reading the help files,xp should be activated within 30 days.and this activation key is derived from both product key and a hardware based id number?so a change in hardware may render the activation key?is there any way i can find out and write down my activation key(not product key, i have that on my cd pack)?i mean is it possible to find out and keep activation key so's next time i crash and reinstall i can run and activate windowsXP even if i dun have internet?also it seems i can only use my product key a few times and then will have to ring up microsoft?
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I had an older box with XP on it that needed to be re-activated. A simple 1-800 phone call, the tech gave me a new code to input during our convo, stayed online with me to ensure the box was up and running.

I hope this helps :)

Another handy trick is to activate, and then copy the wpa.dbl file from the C:\Windows\System32 folder to a CD. Then if you ever need to reinstall, copy back this file rather than activate. :sayyes:

Also, Windows only requires you to reactivate if reinstalling the OS or if you majorly upgrade the PC. (You put new RAM, new MoBo, and a DVD Burner all in on the same day)

There is also a rumor that XP will wipe that file every 6 months or so, meaning you can install new junk regularly without having to worry about your activation being fuddled.
thankie for the replies and pointers everyone :sayyes:
Tried the wpa.dbl copy trick a couple of weeks ago and if you
use Windows XP SP2 it doesn't seem to work.
This maybe because I think you need to export the registry keys
for the WPA.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents

If anybody is doing an install can you confirm or deny if this works
with Windows XP SP2 for you.
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