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Acer travelmate won't switch on.

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I've got a bit of a problem with my Acer travelmate 2003LC.
It won't boot up, at all. You turn it on, and you can hear the fans whirring, but nothing happens.
It's been like this for quite a while - close to two years now, as I've been unable to do anything with it, and no spare money to take into a repair shop.
It was out of warrenty when it broke, and having been given the run around the last few times I called Acer, I wasn't in a rush to get back in touch with them.

Any suggestions?
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Your display might be damaged... I could only advise you to take laptop to maintaing shop because it is not advisable to open the laptop alone if you do not have experience with it...
Hope this will help you mate...
No, it's not the display. I've tried hooking up a desktop moniter to it.

You can hear the drive trying to work, but...nothing.

It also won't hold a battery charge either from the look of things- it's got to be plugged in to get anything from it.
remove the hard drive and boot from CD drive. use any bootable CD like XP install CD.
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