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acer travelmate 4000 heats up

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my laptop is heating up,

it get hot after about 30 hour of work... I have been doing a virus clean on the laptop.
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The term 'hot' is very relative. Have you tried to check how high the temp gets? Does the laptop shut off after minutes/hours of use?
I would be online for 20 minutes, then the labtop heats up. when it becomes very hot, it would shut down.

I would then let it cool down before I would continue checking for virus.

or power the labtop back on.

I don't know where to check the temp of the labtop.
Have you done any cleaning of the vents/heatsink? Use a can of compressed air to blow out the dust that may have accumulated in time (Best if you can open the laptop and clean the insides and reapply thermal compound).
I will clean inside the laptop and reapply the heatsink. I have some thermal past .

will try it..
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