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Acer backlight wont come on

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I had a broken hinge on my acer aspire 9410. i removed the display, unplugged the main ribbon cable in the back. Got the hinge working again, plugged it all back and now the backlight wont come on. I checked the switch that is pressed down when closed and it operates just fine. I attempted to adjust the brightness (Fn keys), no change. I pulled the ribbon cable off again just to check the pins to ensure that one was not damaged. Still i find nothing wrong. If the inverter is bad, how does that happen without any tampering to it? I'm stuck and need some new ideas. Please help.
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did you open the LCD part of the assembly when you replaced the hinge? some laptops like the IBM Thinkpads would require you to open even the LCD assembly part as the hinge is part of the mount that holds the LCD.

if somehow you opened the LCD part of the assembly (bezel/cover, LCD mounting, LCD cables, etc.), just check the connections again. the cable that you see running from mobo to LCD will go through the inverter. check each of the connections from the LCD part, inverter then motherboard.

visually examine the cable if they are torn or cut.
i did have to remove the bezel to disconnect from the hinges, that part was not tricky. i have not looked into the connection at the motherboard yet. That seems a bit above my level of experience, but i'll try it. I'll let you know what that yields.
All connections appear to be solid. Any other thoughts?
by the looks of it, the backlight or the inverter may be dead. try with an external monitor just to be sure the video card is still good.
done that too. video card is good
so video card is OK. connection of LCD to motherboard has been checked and is OK. i guess the next logical choice is replace the inverter (backlight could be the cause also but inverter is easier to replace).
thats what i was thinking also. I'll post again when i get it replaced. Got a few other financial priorities right now. THanks for the help

We have had exactly the same experience. The stage we are at at the moment is we have been advised to send the laptop to acer at a cost of £25 carriage each way and they will then give us a quote to replace the control for the back light which they have said is on a board inside the computer (sorry I am not very technical).

I would be really greatful for any help and advice that anyone can offer which would save me having to pay £50 just for the carriage to be told it will cost a fortune for the repair..

yours hopefully

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