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Account Locking

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My Windows 98 PC keeps on locking my login on our NT server, I'm sure its my PC doing this & not a problem with the server or someone getting my password wrong as I have checked the login records! Is this a common problem?
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that seems like the nt system wether it be win nt or another doesnt seem to recognize your password.

i would try to change the password if you can not do this i would suggest to reload win nt or whatever networking system you have.
Also, remap any network drives not mapped by the login script.
No, the problem is not when logging in its locking my acount while I am logged into the PC.
BelItD....Expand...your not making scence....if the account is locked then you can get in to it...a Win 98 machine doesnt care who else is around ...I will not lock an NT account...there is something else going on you are not explaining right....:no:

Please sir ...try try again!!:winkgrin:

Can you get on to the NT box ??? If so what do the security logs say ??
I made a lot more sense than that did! :) Right, I am logged into my PC and am on the network, which is a windows NT server. For some reason my network login account keeps locking so that I cannot use any network-related features such as drives, but obvioulsy the things that run locally work. The drives are still mapped as they were mapped during the login but I cannot get access to them as my network connection has been terminated as my account is locked, which it tells me when I log out and try to go back in again. I then have to get my NT account unlocked. Is this clearer?
:tongue2: Hey I am just trying to help...and have some fun doing it...

Ok so to follow you....your on your NT box and you are trying to access a network share on the 98 box and it is not allowing ...due to your accoun being locked...(personally I think this is the clearest;) if its right!!)

check you policies on lockout and see if they are set to low...1 or 2 times...check you security logs and see if there is a service running that is trying to use the wrong account and is being locked out...check to see if you guest account ...enableing or disableing helps...check to see if your network connections are good...

and I would have a W.A in my signature is I wasnt one...Good luck
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