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Accessing my home network drives from a different location

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My home Network drives:
  • SimpleTech NAS 160GB
  • Seagate 160GB hard drive USB'd to the NAS (cannot assign a drive letter so cannot see under |my computer| but visible under |my network places|).

I checked with Simpletech: their iShare stuff works only with 500GB NAS drives. I would like to be able to access files sitting in my Simpletech and Seagate (if at all possible).

What do I need to do in terms of setup on the home network, firewall (Zone Alarm) to enable remote access to my network drives and also how do I connect to my home netword drives, once the setups are done?

Hope someone can help.:smile:
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How remote are we talking, in your network, or through the Internet? Does the SimpleTech NAS require a client be installed on each machine that access it? If so, I'm not sure it'll be possible to do what you're asking if you want to share over the Internet.
Through the internet.

No, no client needs to be installed. The NAS is connected to our broadband router and is accessed as a 'network place' or as a drive under 'my computer'.

Well, you CERTAINLY don't want to open up file sharing on the Internet, that's a security hole that you could sail the Titantic through!

If your NAS offers FTP access, consider configuring an account and forwarding port 21 through the firewall to the NAS IP address.

I was afraid you'd suggest FTP - on first look into specs SimpleTech NAS does not allow FTP. I'll look deeper and maybe try and wake up the CS dept of Simpletech powered by one person!!

Using webbased services such as Orb or LogMeIn??
You can install an FTP server on one of your machines and then share the NAS through the machine.
Thanks Johnwill.

Google threw up FileZilla. Is this a good FTP server? Any others that may be better?

I think FIleZilla is an excellent choice. It's open source and full featured. Free is never bad, and this one is a keeper. :smile:
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