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accessing mail using outlook web access problem

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We are having a problem accessing our emails using internet explorer https://(then our server)/exchange. When we type that it, it will ask for basic or premium. so when i choose basic, it opens up my email from my work fine, however when i choose premium, it says loading for the longest time then displays an error message:
Line: 106
char: 223
error: 'm_oXMLData.xml' is null or not an object
URL: (it displays our path correctly which is our server host name/exchange/myname/?Cmd=navbar.

the good news is it shows up as outlook web access, however just says loading.. in the middle of the page. then brings up that error message.

please help and thanks in advance
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Did you recently upgrade the browsers to IE 7.0? Perhaps it is not compatible with IE 7.0
no updates

no, On the computer i am using to access our outlook using internet explorer, we have not upgraded it to IE 7.0, we stayed at 6.0 because using 7.0 gives us problems when viewing our camera server.
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