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access function

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my question is pretty simple..How do you divide in ms access? the entry of one cell divided by another.
I'm not sure if this matters, but its a number divided by the date.. (as in playcount/date added)

If that complicates it, is there a way I can convert the date to the amount of days prior to today's date? Hopefully in a non manual manner..
excel does this no problem :| grr
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Wow ... Ummm ....

Field1 - Date
Field2 - Playcount
Field3 - Desired Value

Field3 = (DateDiff("d",Field1,Now())/Field2)

I'm guessing here ....
In design mode, right-click on the field in question and select properties. You'll need to enter the formula there under (I think) Default Value.

Also, the formula I gave is an example ... You'll need to modify it with your field names (and probably syntax, too). The Help function in Access should get you there.
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