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I bought Transcend 256MB JetFlash120=A7 usb flash drive one week ago. I use windows 2000 pro.I can not use flash drive in my pc.Is this flash drive using in windows 2000 pro? I can not find any driver for this product.Please help me about this problem.

PS.I checked some controlls and wrote them uder this line.

1. I remove all extension cable and USB hub to avoid geting insufficient power,and directly insert my JetFlash into the back USB port of my PC.
2. I tried other USB ports of my PC.It works other PC
3. I updated my Win2000 to the latest service pack SP4.
4. I tried my JetFlash in other PCs with Win2000/XP installed.
5. I enter BIOS and make sure the USB controller has been enabled.
6. I enter BIOS -->Load Optimized Defaults[Y] --> Integrated Peripherals->USB Legacy support [Enable] --> Save and Exit Setup
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