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About To Do A System Restore With 2 Internal Hard Drives

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Hey everyone, I am currently using Knoppix to save files from my main drive (250gb eide seagate) into the slave drive (500gb eide western digital). I'm planning to do a system restore on a Sony Vaio desktop to get back Windows XP but I have a couple of questions.

Will the restore affect the slave drive (I know the primary one will have all data erased), which I installed after purchasing the computer?

Should I unplug the slave drive before doing the restore?

If I do the restore with the slave drive removed will I be able to have the slave drive be recognized afterwards or will Windows not "see" it?

Should I install Service Pack 2 (I bought the computer before this came out) before plugging in the slave drive (assuming I unplug it before doing the restore)?

Thanks for your help, I'm really confused. I have heard conflicting reports when it comes to doing this.
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Welcome to TSF. :wave:

The XP recovery shouldn't touch the second drive - but disconnect the drive to be 100% safe.
If Windows won't see the drive - follow these steps:
You should have at least SP 1 installed to use HDDs larger than 137GB.
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