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about "george"

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A few weeks ago I asked a question about George W.Bush popping up while I was chatting on msn messanger would wink constantly. It was annoying. As I came to find out It's somekind of a virus.

here's how to remove it.

[url][/url] "
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Hey, give the forum a break. It's only been on line since Jan 1st 2002, and there is only 8 of us or so that have seen a whole lot, George evidently happened to be one of the things not encountered. Most of the other "regulars" are well protected against intrusions problaby explaining the lack of familiarity with that particular virus. I am sorry I couldn't instantly answer your question, I will try harder next time. (as I enter my car to drive off a cliff) Thanks for the tip on getting rid of that one, I got hit recently myself with a Klez virus.;)
I didnt see you post, however there is no reason to become...hostile :)

Take a deep breath and relize that we not see all, therfor cannot respond to all. :)

I think I should but in an app. to be one of those guys that writes fortune cookies.. what do you guys think :tounge:
Yes. The gods have smiled upon you in the way of cookie poetry wisdom. But keep your daytime job, looks like you are good at that also.;)
I didn't mean to be hostile, not at all. I'm not a genius when it comes to computers. I love to read the forums here. God knows i've picked up alot of hints on how the comp works, though. Totally not a genius, just was passing some info to others just in case someone out there has the same problem.:poke: Sorry
Oh, it's ok Jeeps. I'll send you a peace offering. In your inbox you will find the Klez virus. Just kidding!
:D :D :D :D :D
I see, sorry I seem to have misunderstood the vibe of the thread. Sorry.

TheTech say: If they cant prove it, you didnt do it. :)
(Fortune Cookie Stuffer;) )
Don't feel bad guys... I thought the same thing of Jeeps comment, I just didn't want to say anything.... I'm not one for picking on matter what... I hated it when I was learning, so I avoid it now... the relative youth of the situation kinda kicked in, so I found it easier to just ignore, but now that this has been "dealt with" I think instead of the gratitutious smilies that everyone uses there should be a tongue smilie... it is the equivalent of :p or :p, and I believe the is an alt chatacter that looks the same.... basically I'll go through the "effort" of finding one if it will get added... I miss using it, so you may have noticed that i use it anyway :p I'm glad everyone is in good spirits and the air is hostility free ;)
Hostile Free:wacky:

Guys should I delete this post or not?

It's nice to attract some attention to this post, lol. I also did some deleting on my first post, is it better?
I see you edited your orig. post, now me and JAMMAN look like we overreacted to nothing. Hmm... :D

:cool: TheTech Say: To advance you need to make yourself look good, but it's even better if you can make someone else look bad at the same time. :)
Herein lies another fortune for a cookie-

It is better to over react than to not react at all.:D
Not bad..

"The force is strong in this one."
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