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ABIT UL8 939 ULiM1689 Motherboard CPU fan reading slow in AbitEQ

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Hi (first post to this excellent forum)

I've just put together a new computer.

ABIT UL8 Socket 939 ULi M1689 ATX AMD Motherboard
Athlon64 Skt 939 3000+ (Venice) with retail heatsink and fan
Hiper Type R 480W PSU

Machine performs excelently but when I use AbitEQ to check out the fan speeds and temperatures it reports CPU fan speed of 600-650 rpm then (thankfully) shuts down the system. Going into the BIOS immediately after this the CPU temp is 76c. If I reboot it goes back to tolerable limits (28-34c).

If I run Sandra I get this when the system is idle

Environment Monitor 1
Model : Winbond W83782D ISA
Version : 10.01
Mainboard Specific Support : No

Power Rating(s)
CPU Core Power : 206W (estimated)
CPU Cooling System Thermal Resistance : 0.05°C/W (estimated)

CPU1 Temperature : 33.0°C / 91.4°F td
Auto Fan Speed Control : No
CPU1 Fan Speed : 17532rpm
CPU1 Voltage : 2.80V​

The question is - what is the correct temperature and fan speed of the system. I really don't want to shorten the life of my CPU!! Computers - even self-builds are way too expensive to replace every year!! :sad:

Anyone? (Thanks in advance)
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Anyone folks?

I'm not a forum troll, honest!
Hi marcmac

On a 3200+ Venice my temp at the moment is 35c with a fan speed of 878,which seems to be about the norm.
Have you installed the cool & quiet driver,also needs to be set to auto in the bios.What this does is vary the CPU's speed,thus changing the voltage and the fan speed.Voltage at the moment is 1.42.
The correct core power is 67 watts max.
I also got a high temp reading,but my case is open and touching the heatsink it was barely warm,so it's just a false reading.
Version 1.0 first and only release.
Just turned computer back on,temp 77c,fan 3245.Heatsink cool.
Yep I get the same high temp reading of 77 when I switch on. If I reboot I get a temp of anything from 18 - 28 depending on ambient temperature. I've checked this against a temperature probe and it's correct. Seems that the BIOS might need an upgrade? ABIT take note!

when you say the correct core power is 67 max... should I change mine, which as you can see from a previous post is around 200W?

I change it in the bios?
As it can't be changed it has to be another false reading,as is the fan speed and th CPU voltage reading.
My Sandra core power score is 228W and CPU voltage 2.8.
The AMD website lists a Venice's voltage as 1.35-1.40 and wattage as 67watts.
I'm pretty confident that everthing is ok,just needs a bios upgrade to sort out the sensor problem.
Hi, people, I've recently built my PC(my previous pc was a P4 2.6 Northwood)with that board and have no problems.My psu is a codegen 550w dual 12v rail.
Are you using a 24 pin dual 12v rail psu?

hyper r-type 480W modular psu

I should say that the board is extermely stable and I don't have any problems apart from this erroneous temperature reading on first boot from cold.

I know its an error because the temp probe I use is independant of the computer - has never shown more than 41 centigrade.

what bios revision are you using?
Hi, same as you, 1.0,before assembling the pc, I visited Abit's site daily hoping to find a newer bios revision to no avail, when assembled the pc (I also use a fan controller/temp display),the temp and fan rpm were normal.
Since the first boot the temperature displayed by the bios is more or less 39-42 degrees C.
Almost forgot, I don't use Cool & Quiet.
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