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Abit AT7 Max2 question

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I have 2 questiosn regarding this motherboard that I would love to have answered.

Firstly does it support athlon 2600 333 FSB thoroughbread core cpus ?

The website says it has support for :

AMD SocketA AthlonXP up to 2800+
AMD SocketA AthlonXP(Barton core) up to 3000+

Its not a Barton CPU and there are 2 types of 2600+ Cpu's (thunderbird and thoroughbread?) , im not sure wether the thoroughbread is covered by the above.

Secondly, it has an AC97 on baord 6 channel sound system, hwoever a coupel of games have been telling me that it has no ahrdware channels availalbe, and directx says the same thing. Is this important? Im also trying to update the drivers on it but the abit website is about as helpful as a slap in the face and my google search reveals hundreds of sites, with hundreds of drivers for different platforms and most of these appear to be drivers built by individuals rather than companies, has anyone got any advice on how I should go about updating the drivers on this sound system?

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According to the Abit website your CPU is supported. I tried to post a jpg. but it was a no/go................:no:
OK thanks, i got confused because the site i bought the board from said it only had suppor tup to 266 FSB processors, when i checked teh sight there is an updat e(wich ive already applied) that gave support for 333 FSB CPUs, but it specifies the thunderbird and barton cores, wich i dont have either, just the thoroughbread, but being that the thorougbread is an oldish core type i cant beleive this woul dbe a problem...
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