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aaarrrgh i dont knw whats going on!!

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well i have 2 problems, both very very anoying! wasnt sure where to post so il try here. ok i havnt had this computer long. when i got it it had some over heating issues and kept turning off (its second hand so cant send it back) so i got a graphics card fan which sits in the slot below it, and that seemed to stop it turning off. but now ever now and then the monitor just goes black!!, i have duel monitors hooked up and they both go black. so i guess its not my monitor..... i dont have a clue. is it my graphics crad?? anything i can do ?

and secondly maybe more anoying. windows keeps on switching back to my desktop! eg im typing in explorer and it will not be selected on the window any more!! happens all the time :4-dontkno this is soo damned anoying, ive just tried 3 diffrent spyware removers incase it was somthing like that. im getting to the end of my tether with it . tempetd to reformat and see if that sorts it :sad:
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When the monitors go black, does the whole system power off or reset?

If it resets, then it could be an issue with the power supply (or a virus of course).

If the PC is still running, then the video card 'GPU' or main processor 'CPU' could still be overheating.

Please post the video card and mainboard specs.

computer isnt powering down. just going black.

graphics card is, gainward geforce4 Ti 4600 128mb 2x350mhz RAMDACs

motherboard is, KuDoz 7x/600 (i dont realy knw what spec, or how to find out)
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