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A8N-SLI secondary beep code problem,

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I am having grandly frustrating problems with my new A8N-SLI Deluxe board, when everything is put together I get 1 beep, implying everything is ok, but then after around 30 seconds I get a secondary bepp code of 3-1-1-3. If I take the graphics card out I get the beep error for the graphics card being missing & <i>then</i> this second bepp code again, without the memory & grpahics card I get the continuous loop of missing memory & if I have nothing in at all, I get no beep at all. I have been able to try with 2 different processors, with no avail.

This is what's happend when I've taken all the components out...
Nothing in - no beeps
Just processor - beeps asking for memory
Processor & memory - beeps asking for graphics card
Processor, memory & graphics - 1 beep then 30 secs later 3-1-1-3
This says to me it's a very strange problem, I have no uidea how to tackle this.

My spec is as follows:
AMD 3800+ x2
A8N-SLI Deluxe
4x512MB Ballistix Crucial memory
Some old Geforce card I had lying about, 4000 series I think
Waterchill watercooling system
450w power supply

It's the <i>secondary</i> beep code which gets me, I've not been able to find anything on Google about them. Also, the manual says it is a Phonix-Award BIOS, but they seem to be 2 seperate manufacturers, which one is right?

Many thanks for your help,

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3-1-1-3 Detect and install external RS232 ports
Just thought I'dd reply to myself (yay! I'm weird), found out what the problem was... Well I was using my lovely Dell TFT screen which doesn't seem to get along with the POST screen, when I tried it on an old CRT screen it told me why it was bleeping with such anger - it couldn't clock the fan speed for either the CPU or the chipset, because I have watercooling installed. All I needed to do was tap F1 & all was well, sure beats taking it all apart & getting confussed with it all like it did!
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