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A8N-E memory settings

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Any clue on how to set memory speeds to pc4000 or 500Mhz.
ive tried all the manual setting in the bios, have upgrade/downgraded my bios
however if i set the memory timings manually it changes the FSB to 250 in the jumperfree section which makes the computer unbootable.
if i adjust both areas the computer reboots in ddr400 with the memory setting back in automatic. basically anything i try ends up either unbootable or just reverts back to default settings

asus a8n-e
amd64 3200+
2x 512mb crucial ballistix pc4000
asus ax800xl
seagate 160gb ide
allied 500w psu
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I think you are looking for the 'RAM divider'. That is when you want to run your RAM and CPU at different frequencies...check this out
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