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A8N-E + AMD64 3200+ venice won't post

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I'm new to this forum, so hope i'm not butting in on other peoples threads.
A8N-E, AMD Athlon 3800+(Venice)Skt939, 128MB ATI 800 PCI-E
Computer has had multiple faults on it since day 1.
HDD & RAM changed recently.
Now has a DRAM beep fault, however supplier says nothing wrong!
Any ideas on how to solve the problem, or do i need a new MBoard
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Welcome to TSF:

You get the best results by posting your own problem / that way the techs arent confusing your problem with the original posters problem.

POST QUESTION ???? the answer is yes / power on self test / the mobo is able to emit a series of coded beeps / they are meant to give you some indication of the problem ~~ you can research your beep codes accorfing to to your bios manufacturer

A8N USER: I would try another PSU before I RMA'd the mobo / erratic or fluctuating volatage is not tolerated well by these boards / a poor performing psu can turn your computer into a machine possessed by the devil !!!
I strongly suggest an Enermax or Antec PSU 500 or 550 watts << better
Especially true if your PSU is a generic or came as a combo deal (case & PSU) combo deals VERY seldom offer good psu's because the price would be too high a good psu combo would be around $200.00 and that wont sell in todays market !!!! Most component buyers evaluate only the wattage ~~ wattage on its own merit is not a good comparision of psu's relaibility.


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hi crazyfool,

take out everything inside the case and boot the system up with only the bare minimum parts. to make a computer post you only need to following devices: power supply, motherboard, cpu, ram, and videocard. these are the only devices you need to install inside the case to make a computer post.

try this and see if you get the computer posting. also try other hardware spare devices if you got any. if you have a spare monitor, try a spare monitor on your computer and see if its a monitor problem. also reseat the videocard and try a spare videocard too since it also could be a faulty videocard.

are all of your devices new or just the cpu and motheroboard?
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