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A wireless oddity

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Hi all, i'm having a few issues with our "el cheapo" wireless cards (Dick Smith Electronics brand if anybodies familiar) trying to connect to the access point (Linksys WAP54G)

Whats happening is the DSE wireless card refuses to connect to the AP if it has the SSID turned off, I can configure and tell Windows (XPsp2) what the SSID and WPA settings are all I want but unless I turn the SSID beacon on on the AP I don't get squat (It's almost as if Windows isn't listening to me)

Admittedly I don't know a great deal about the way it all works, but it doesn't make sense. Theoretically all I should require is an SSID and WPA key to be set.

Sure I could keep the SSID transmitting but i'd far prefer to know what the card (or Windows) is doing than simply keeping SSID enabled and being done with it

Is anybody aware of this happening elsewhere?
Any comments would be greatly appreciated :)
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Don't waste your time disabling SSID, it's not effective. Take a look at: Six dumbest ways to secure your wireless LAN.
Thanks for that link, i'm trying to get up to speed on what is inside the frames etc and whether or not its being sent in clear text (with WEP that is)
And speaking of which, i'm surprised on how easy it is to spoof the MAC. I actually would of thought Windows would of asked the NIC and only the NIC

Anyway after more experiementation and such I found that
- The realtech software only provides for WEP and they state if you want WPA then use WinXP (though realtech do provide an updated software package on their site, only it couldn't stay connected for more than 2 seconds)
- It will connect withouth the SSID beacon under Windows XP, only hardly ever straight away. It takes at least one try

Thanks for the reply though :smile:
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