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A very funny story. (not a problem, for your entertainment)

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Some guy in brazilian forums did this :) enjoy.

EDIT: Oops sorry, i should have posted this in Graphic card forum... sorrry admins.
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oh my god, what a fool.

What a hoot! This guy not only needs some expert help on this one, but he also has great friends. Thanks for sharing.
I am beginning to doubt the authenticity of this but just the same it is a good read.
The story was posted here;
Brazilian forum?? That happened at, a place I've been going since April. Who told you it was Brazlilian?

Oh man, I'm currently rolling on the floor and laughing my A55 off, no wait - I am! I REALLY AM!!!

Pure platinum :laugh:
I dunno thats what they told me on msn ... maybe some copy cat put it on brazilian forums who knows... But i hear its true story...
That person is well on their way to earning a Darwin Award. "I don't know what this is so I'll cut it off!"
god who could be so clueless. Who in there right mind would chop a nice video card like that ( I wonder how much 2 cards set him back? ) :dead: :dead: :laugh: :laugh: :sayno: :sayno:
I think it was a copy cat.. because that was defintly on for the first time.
And i think alot of people are noticing it and copying it.. well.. w/e its that guy's problem, not mine.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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