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A sudden change of electricity can damage a video capture card or motherboard?

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some days ago a sudden change of electricity has ruined my HD and I has had to purchase a new HD.
When I add the programs for the editing video, I notice the sofware for editing doesn't work correctly anymore.
That sudden change of electricity could also have ruined my capture video card (DVRexRT)? Will the motherboard be ruined?
Yet when I go on "Device Driver" it is everything ok.
The drivers are ok. It seems impossible a damage because it works with 12 volts, at least I believe. Some technicians analyzed my PC but nobody understands anything.
Will I have to replace the PC or my capture video card ?
thanks Fofar
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It's impossible to know what actually happened without actually seeing the system. It would be helpful to know exactly what "doesn't work" too. I'd uninstall the video editing software and reinstall from scratch before I started buying more hardware.
You would think that if the card itself was damaged it would be showing errors besides with the VE software. It could even be as simple as a small scratch on the install disk for the software.. I agree with john I think it's software.
I don't launch the software from the CD but from a file that I have in my HD. However it seems a problem of software conflict.
I hope,
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