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i'm new at this forum
i have a really special problem. i surf the internet everyday and i mostly visit the same websites. after surfing , i always clean up cookies, temp. internet files, history etc.
About 14 days ago it started. one of my favorite newssite didn't update anymore. I got for about one week the same homepage! only, if i opened a column, there were the updated contents in. i checked it on another computer and there it worked ( not the same isp).
after one week the site got suddenly updated. but now i have the same problem again and even worse, four more websites don't update anymore.
i tried antivirus, ad-aware, spybot etc.. i really have no idea what's the problem?
I have a pt4, os : win xp pro, ie 6.0 ( i tried it with opera and got the same result--- nytimes from last week thursday )
i talked to my isp. they didn't know what causes the problem. but they told me to press ctrl+f5 and it worked.
does someone have an idea what's problem?

many thanks for your help

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