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A slower dial-up

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As if migrating to a dial up since I moved down here isn't bad enough, today things are really strange.

My wife was connected today while I was at work. We lost power while connected. Power comes back after an hour or so. She boots and connects- at 14.4. I get home, no modem settings I can find have changed, no errors, nothing funny in the event log, no viruses (detectable by norty updated today). I tried re-installing the modem and creating a fresh connection, still between 12 and 14.4 connection speed. I just today was bragging at work that I connect between 48 and 52 consistantly.

USR internal hardware modem, I think a 2977.

Maybe someone hit a phone pole which knocked out the electric and phone, and connected me through LA or something?
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You jinxed yourself JAMMAN :),

What OS and ISP are you using?
Thanks Tech, but I fixxed it. I guess it does say Windows 2000/NT, I thought it was just for win2000, which is what I have.

I pulled out an old winmodem from the closet, installed it, and everything is normal.

It's like adding insult to injury, now not only am I on a dial up, but it's through a winmodem.

Suicide is the solution.:knife:
Hey aslong as you can get online. I get to test dial up accounts all the time at work. I'm thankful for my DSL at home though.
Had Starband in Michigan. I want DSL, but can't get it in my exact location. If I lived down the street.....................
I think broadband will be a must when I move. Got to have my DSL. It helps when I have people here running on the net at the same time. Plus uploading and downloading files for the websites would take forever without it.
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