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A Simple DS Question

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Ok guys, this one is pretty simple.

If you have seen any of my past posts, you will definitely be able to tell that I am an avid gamer. I also have a girl friend. Well, since my girl can tell what my main hobby is, she has decided to buy me a DS Lite for Valentine's Day. Hooray for me!

However, I have one simple question: When I get my DS Lite, will I be able to play games wirelessly with my girl friend on her original DS? One of the reasons she is getting me one is so that we can play together, so I want to know if I should tell her to get me a refurbished, original DS.

I'm pretty sure that the answer is "yes", but I want to be safe rather than sorry. Thanks for your time, and a quick response is much appreciated!

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Hi Daywalker!
First off, hooray for you! :grin:
And yes, you'll be happy to know it is fully compatible with the original DS.

Happy Gaming!
The DS Lite sports brighter screens and a smaller design. I have big hands (yay for genetics!) so I had to look hard for a regular DS that I could handle. They only vary in those areas so don't worry, you and your love will be able to join together in gaming bliss.

ps. Grats on getting a gamer girlfriend!
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