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A random new frontier in utter confusion and mind numbing anger

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Hey, I'm sorry if this is a bit long, but ANY advice or assistance would be really appreciated. So anyway, this has been really frustrating and confusing:upset::upset::upset:

Basically, my internet connections been sporatically not working for periods of time, since I've subcribed to this bloody internet provider(Shaw)
Which has been just about but not quite a month's time. So this would have been the fourth or maybe fifth time in this month that it's been down.

Now the first two times, they completely stopped and would not start working even after waiting for a few days and fiddling with the router, turning everything on/off the usual. So after the second attempt and a rude operator:)upset:) I found out that the area where I live in general has been experiencing problems connecting in general, so after unplugging,plugging back in, turning everything on/off AGAIN, whilst being told by some snarky jerk, they finally send one of their repairmen to come and fi it, and he did. Wallah!

Well, lo-and behold it did it a few more times, but after waiting for a bit(a couple of hours-to a day) it would start working again. But this final time, nuh-uh. Would not start, oddly enough while outside thet day after it stopped working I seen a bunch of Shaw vehicles outside, so I just figured they were fixing the area connection and it would start shortly.

NOPE! So, after a few more days, I fiddle again, did the whole switch on/off crap again. Ran a diagnostic, and my computer told me to reboot, so I did.
And when I did, the error sign over my connection strength disappeared and it told me it was connected and everything, which it is, kind of. Now, the only problem is, my internet browsers won't connect! which are Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and noting else will even connect to the internet on my computer, even though it says the connection is fine, expect for one thing. Apparently, my 64 bit internet explorer works fine, it connects to the internet and everything even though nothing else does, and this absolutely puzzles me. I also can't stream videos or anything else with it, yet it works. I've hesitated to phone Shaw again, because I'm wondering if it might just actually be a problem with my laptop, though it shouldn't be as it's pretty new.
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Lets get some facts in the case

post the results of a ipconfig /all for review
post the make/model of router you are using and if its a modem router combo
what version of vista are you running? x64?
what malware/virus checkers are you running?
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