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ok i just got my PC 2-3 days ago
1) Core 2 Duo E7400 (2.8 GHZ each)
2) Cooler master 1000W Power supply
3) Motherboard is AUSU P5Q-VM
4) XFX GTS 250 (standard)
5) Kingston 2 Gb DDR2 ram x2 (so total is 4 gb ram)

now my problems
1) i Installed WIn 7 Ultimate 64 bit.... it was R2 edition....
kept freezing or hanging..... in application,internet explorer and some times even in boot..... re installed it many times... no result

2) out of frustration i shifted to WIn 7 Ultimate 32 BIt ( i dled it off a torrent - 7600 buy some RTM or some one )....

it seems to be stable as in.... in loads..... i can use internet etc.... but when i play a game or start a game.... it freezes...... duration from 10 secs to 3 mins..... it freezes.... even if its on the menu.....

the games i have tried are
CRYSIS and assasins creed(got with GFX card)

im using the latest chipset drivers and audio drivers from asus.... and i tried with NVIDIA's256 driver(latest driver on XFX site) and the 192 or something which came in the dcd of the gfx card........

can some one plz help....
what do i do.....
im plaing on trying WIn Xp now.... as i seem to have no choice

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