Before I even open Microsoft Word to begin writing one of these articles, I grab my favorite headphones and make my way to my desired music streaming website. From the first word to the last, two hours of music helps make these reviews fly by.

My music listening isn’t just when I type though. It’s when I walk around in the kitchen, work outside in the garage, enjoying the summer sun by the pool, go to sleep, or have a few people over for an afternoon gathering and chances are you too enjoy some tunes when doing on something.

Music is a soothing melody for people as they feel comfortable and in their own element. Millions upon millions of hours of music is available on the World Wide Web and while we may only listen to a few tracks, we all enjoy the never ending lullabies.

Sound producing products are something that I review a lot here on Tech Support Forum, but since every speaker is different, they make for an exciting review and an enjoyable reviewing process. From the lowest end Bluetooth speakers to studio grade speakers, my tuned ear is ready for the next product to land on my door step.

Arriving a little while back was a little white and orange box that had the phrase “portable stereo wireless speaker”. No words for “premium” or “awesome” or anything along those lines. TaoTronics, the company in the spot light today, is an electronics company that sells mainly on Amazon and have quite the selection of electronics on their store front and have recently entered the studio market.

I previously took a look at their car backup camera and desk lamp which are still in use today and some of my favorite products that I’ve used; even for as simple as they may seem. Sent to me was one of their Bluetooth enabled speakers that seemed far better than what they hyped up on their product page.

Welcome to my TaoTronics Portable Stereo Wireless Speaker review. Throughout this review, I will be covering the design, functionality, and my final thoughts of the unit. A special thank you to TaoTronics for providing this speaker for this review.


Nearly every speaker I’ve ever bought or reviewed always has some word that symbolizes “premium” written in bold lettering on the box. Even speakers that are anything but premium have it somewhere on the box. TaoTronics chose not to for this model (TT-SK06) and from my testing, it’s a product that should use that term.

The TT-SK06’s design begins with an all stainless steel frame that wraps around a metal speaker mesh. Furthermore, the back of the unit has a slight split in the frame for the bass output.

Coloring of the speaker is unfortunately only offered in one style which is a gray and black finish. While its coloring scheme is not in your face, it may not mesh well with your room color; that is if you’re into that sort of thing.

User controls of the TT-SK06 is a center mounted circle that contains a button activated power button, volume controls, and a multipurpose hands-free/play pause button. Moreover, the located on the rear of the unit is a 5V DC MicroUSB in power port alongside the AUX connector.

To finish off the exterior design of the TT-SK06, the bottom of the unit contains a large rubber foot that is great at keeping the speaker sitting sound without any unnecessary movements.

Crack the speaker open to discover two 10W speakers that sandwich the passive subwoofer. The speakers are reasonable in size and require little power from the built in rechargeable battery.


The top I/O ring that contains the controls also uses a bright RGB LED for status indication. A blue lit status indicates Bluetooth connectivity and its current status for pairing or connected. A solid red is shown when using your AUX connection, and orange for charging.

Powering the speaker up plays a subtle, but neat tune; likewise when powering the unit off. When turning on for the first time, your speaker will first enter pairing mode which is quickly picked up by nearby devices. After the first pair, it will constantly look for that one device unless picked up by a new one.

Once you’ve broken in the speakers with a 24 hour low music break-in, all you need to do is find a home for the speaker and begin the rock and roll.

The combined 20W speakers pump out some significant noise, enough to fill the entire room at 50% volume. Everything from Christmas music, to Rock and Roll, to Hip Hop played similar to one another and it was all very enjoyable.

Music instruments were loud, clear, and stood out from one another. I enjoyed the speaker’s room sound-filling ability that I decided to swap out a bedroom speaker set in favor for the TT-SK06.

Placed on a wooden dresser, the speaker was used mostly below 50% volume for some light background music and an occasional rock-out-session.

Something that I quite enjoyed was the powerful bass this speaker had to offer. It’s heavy, deep, and loud for nearly every song I threw at it. If you happen to listen to country or modern songs, you may feel like it’s too bass heavy, but when played in front of others, they too appeared to enjoy the bass.

Vocals of the speaker were acceptable as were the lows, mids, and highs. This portable speaker is a premium high costing device that is disguised as a middle of the line and budget-friendly unit.

As for battery, I’ve used this speaker here and there for the last two months and have yet to recharge the unit. The 4000mAh battery lasts an unbelievable amount of time and far longer than TaoTronics’s six hour claim.

My Final Thoughts

All-in-all, the TaoTronics’s TT-SK06 portable speaker is a $59.99 speaker that should be listed for $99.99. With no complains over the course of two months, this is truly a great replacement for a bedroom speaker system without breaking the bank. It’s rich and powerful sound is room-filling and certainly enjoyable for any music lover. With its stylish and premium design, this unit is one of my favorite portable speakers.

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