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A Pleasure

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Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman. My name is Damage535. I read you can introduce yourself here, and I always try and maintain my manners. It's a pleasure to meet all of you, and I look forward to working with you and speaking with you in the near future. Till then, Goodbye.
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Hello and welcome to the forums :smile:
Thankyou. It's nice to be here, after a reccomendation from a friend. And I must say, his faith wasn't misplaced. He never registered, just posted as a guest...He's somewhat paranoid as to registering, he's afraid of having someone steal his IP...which I suppose, is justified.
Hi welcome to the forums. Tell your friend to register... I'm looking for some more IPs to add to my collection. Only joking, it's perfectly safe :wink:
Really koala, I know I have yours written down somewhere :winkgrin:

J/k :grin:
Welcome to the forums!

It's definettly safe here. If he's truely paranoid, he can always use a proxy :p .
welcome, and tell you friend not to worry about IP's, we use them to launder all of the drug money we make... so anyone that registers receives a weekly stipend of dirty money.
jgvernonco said:
No shenanigans here...
I'll behave
Welcome to the family.
*eyes start to water* Oh THANKYOOUUUUUUUUU! lol. Laundering drug money eh? Nice idea. I tend to use it on stolen cars better. *grins* Which reminds me...where's MY cash then? :laugh: :wink:
the check's in the mail
How much are we talking exactly? £3500? £4000? Because if it's less than £10,000...I'm bustin you. *toothy grin*
Its actually a cashier's check drawn on the National Bank of Liberia. It will be for L20,000. You cash it. Take L10,000 for your troubles and send the rest to TSF.
The real kicker is that as soon as anyone visits this site the IP is's called a log, and all websites have them. In fact your IP address probably all over the internet, but if you're behind a router or a firewall only talented hackers could get in, and even then it would take them a while.
*grins*...might be difficult for em...I have about 3 firewalls lol...All of which are good as the next. And thankyou for the warm welcome everyone. I look forward to speaking with you in the future.
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