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=.= a newbie ned help here...

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alrite.... it was like tis...

whenever i want to start a game or half-way of a game.... this error come out....

The instruction at 0x0043b02b referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be read.

something like tat.... it is very annoying...

i'm asking coz i'm quite a newbie....

so any1 plz help?
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Unless there was a problem with installing the game you have defective RAM.
oO reinstall the game.... tis method i hav tried many times but yet cannot le... T.T

anyway maybe my problem is with my poor PC.... something about graphic card..? any ways to deal with it? or i need to upgrade my graphic card alrdy.. ? :4-dontkno
I agree with ebackhus and pharoah - it sounds like faulty RAM. Run that memtest program pharoah linked, and see what you get. Make sure you run it for several hours - at least 10 cycles. Let us know if it finds any errors.
memtest.... thk for tat but.... i'm so noob tat i dunno how to use it ! T.T
ok..... pharoah... plz teach me.... i fail in trying to figure out how to use memtest... wat i get is a rawrite.exe which i suppose is the main component.... but how to use it.... when it appears "enter disk image source file name" wat shld i do?
You can either burn this ISO to a disc as an image, or you can burn this pre-compiled version as a data disc. Then go into the BIOS and set your computer to boot from CD ROM, put the disc in the drive, and start your computer up.

To set the computer to boot from CD ROM, enter the BIOS by tapping Del or Delete when the system is starting. Find "Boot Device Priority" or something similar, and change the first option to "CD ROM" or similar. Then press F10 and type "y" or select "yes" to save changes.

If you need any further instructions, just ask.
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